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Terms and Conditions


Cost and Estimates

  • Picnics must booked 5 days in advance to secure time for the necessary steps to make your picnic complete. 

  • Picnic bookings are paid in full and due at the time of the online booking. If you have any questions please contact us. 

  • We are happy to provide estimates that include special occasions, add-on(s) and customization prior to booking.

  • Trip charge of $60.00 will be applied for any bookings outside of the Denver Metro area. 


Rescheduling and Cancellation​

  • Unfortunately, we cannot refund bookings due to bad weather so please check the weather forecast in advance before booking. If you have booked and the weather states that it is going to rain, please reach out to us to reschedule your picnic or switch to an indoor picnic. You have 6 months from your booking date to reschedule due to unforeseen weather conditions. 

  • If Urban Picnic Company is not notified of cancellation, intent of rescheduling or change in venue a minimum of  72 hours prior to booking no refunds of any kind will be provided.

Loss or damage to rental items

  • All event items supplied to the customer are property of Urban Picnic Company and will be inventoried prior to set up and clean up.

  • Damage to or loss of items within the period of bookings shall be reported reported by the Client to Urban Picnic Company. immediately. 

  • If the picnic items are lost, the customer must pay for the lost items.

  • If the picnic items are damaged, the customer must pay for the repair or replacement.


  • Urban Picnic Company is committed to making sure our customers are safe during their booked picnic. In the event that picnic items are stolen from the picnic location the customer should immediately contact law enforcement and notify Urban Picnic Company.

  • Urban Picnic Company accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained where the customer and or guests move or incorrectly use items against the recommendation or instruction of Urban Picnic Company.


Alcohol Consumption

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to check alcohol laws of any parks or public space being used for one of our bookings

  • Most public parks prohibit alcohol consumption. Urban Picnic Company takes no responsibility for any alcohol consumption or penalties occurred.


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